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《watashino-sensei.biz》 has made big changes to its services. So please check the latest information concerning our services.

《watashino-sensei.biz》has two options for students
Option one is that a student can choose two teachers; the first for 1300 yen, and another 500 yen for every additional teacher after the first. They can choose a total of five teachers (2800 yen). After payment; the student and teachers will receive each other's phone numbers and e-mail addresses, both can contact each other. Although there are five teachers with the student's contact information, the student will ultimately choose only one of the five teachers.
Option two is that the student can use a bulletin board to contact a teacher. The student can message the teacher twice and receive a response for each of the messages. And then, if the student and teacher want to talk more with each other about a lesson, the student can pay 3800 yen to《watashino-sensei.biz》. With the one time payment of 3800 yen, the student will have unlimited use of the bulletin board for a year. In addition to one-year unlimited use of the bullentin board, the teacher and student can exchange phone numbers and e-mail addresses as they like.

Are you an English teacher looking for students?
・Can you teach another language as well? Watashino-sensei.biz is the site for native speakers and language teachers for English,Spanish,Italian,German,Korean ,Russian and Chinese

This service(Teaching jobs) is 100% free for teachers

Here's what you do:

First you'll have to register with our site,so check our service agreement
and set up an account.Click the'New Registration'bottom below.

Then create your teaching profile.

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Teaching profile

Decide when you work, where you work and how much you get paid.
・You can decide your own lesson fee, available time, teaching method, where you want to have lessons--- in a cofe, at your home, at the student's home,or any other suitable location you both agree on.
Your profile will be displayed in Japanese.
No need to translate,our site does all the work for you.

Students will peruse your profile and contact you for a first lesson.After that, further meetings can be arrange independently of this service.

Please renew your profile frequently

・Your potential students will choose recently updated profiles. So if you change your schedule,update it on our website, please. Your potential students will check the day you renew your profile.

A photo is worth a thousand words.

Don't forget to upload a photo. Students are more inclined to choose you if they have a face to associate your credentials with.
If you can't upload a photo by yourself,we can do instead of you. In this case please send your mail with your photo to us.

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Renew your profile frequently , please !!

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