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_____________________________________________________________________________________ Demonstration of Cooking Class and Japanese Culture Experience ( calligraphy, craft, origami) for foreigners ( From September)
@, Price: \3,500, plus tax ( cooking class is FREE, originally \7,500) @, Requirements: SNS feedback, take photos and videos @, Contact: himawari1212iloveyou@yahoo.co.jp (Uchiyama)

Thank you for your interests. My name is Masako Uchiyama. We would like to open our classes because we want you to see the streets with a lot of atmosphere in Mukojima near Asakusa. Mukojima is famous for old downtown areas where old rows of houses and castle sites are saved.
Mukojima is not really a very famous tourist destination like Tokyo sky tree but the place has an interesting to offer. It is a place where most residents are elderly and cat lovers would definitely enjoy strolling because they would see many stray cats on the streets.
Japanese homemade dishes are very healthy, well presented and delicious. We want to share our special recipes with you that have been inherited and served in our family. These are very simple and easy to make. It takes 30 to 50 minutes. We especially put importance on the fact that you could make them when you go back to your country.
We also want to teach special recipes related to keen sense of the seasons and traditional events in Japan. For example, we celebrate Hinamatsuri (Girls’ Day: celebrate the growth of girls) on March in Japan. We make special Sushi to celebrate that and talk about the history.

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